Girl in glasses/Девочка Марго Girl in glasses/Девочка Марго Girl in glasses/Девочка Марго Girl in glasses/Девочка Марго Girl in glasses/Девочка Марго

Girl in glasses/Девочка Марго

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Materials and tools you will need:
beige color yarn for the main parts – I used less than 50 g of “Jeans” by YarnArt;
red color yarn for the boots – I used less than 50 g of “Jeans” by YarnArt;
white color yarn for the boots, cuffs, socks, the bottom of the blouse – I used less than 50 g of “Jeans” by YarnArt;
yarn for the sweater – I used less than 50 g of brown color “Jeans” by YarnArt;
yarn for the skirt – I used less than 50 g of purple color “Jeans” by YarnArt;
yarn for the jacket – I used less than 50 g of green “Jeans” by YarnArt; NOTE: All yarn should crochet to the same gauge! It is very important for keeping the proportions.
wool for felting for the hair (I used black color); NOTE: If you do not how to felt, make the hair the way you like.
needle for felting;
a piece of white felt for the whites of the eyes;
2 black half beads (I used 8 mm in diameter);
matching crochet hook;
strong thread for needle sculpting;
a piece of plastic (plastic canvas or plastic lid) or thick cardboard for the insoles;
wire for the arms and glasses (you can make glasses if you don’t have a ready-made ones – instructions are given) - the diameter and quantity depends on the size of your toy. I used approximately 100 cm (39.4 inches) of wire 1 mm in diameter (optional);
plaster - adhesive-backed fabric tape 1 cm wide to work up the wire (optional);
cotter pin joints for the head (optional - you can sew head to body);
pale pink embroidery thread for the mouth;
brown embroidery thread for the eyebrows;
tapestry needle;
ready-made glasses (optional – you can make them using wire)
safety pins;
transparent glue.

I used “Jeans” by YarnArt (55% cotton, 45% acrylic, 50g/160m) and 1.75 mm crochet hook. The doll is 26 cm (10.2 inches) tall using the materials mentioned above.

About this pattern:
This is a .pdf file with detailed instructions. The pattern is 18 pages long and has 65 pictures to help you.

The pattern is available in English language and German.

Skill level:

Skills required:
The pattern does not provide “How to” on crochet stitches. Basic crochet skills required. To work this pattern you need to know how to work in a spiral, in rows, sc, hdc, dc, increase and decrease.

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Девочка Марго.

Описание вязания Марго представляет из себя файл в формате .pdf (17 страниц, 60 фото), содержит пошаговые инструкции и фото для вязания данной игрушки. Предназначен для тех, кто умеет вязать крючком. Не содержит обучающих материалов по вязанию крючком, а описывает процесс изготовления игрушки. Уровень сложности выше среднего.

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